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Sunday, December 16, 2007

OBIEE post install OC4J and Windows Services

I wanted to download the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition PLUS recently. I didn't want to upgrade from my previous version since I had done so much work on it, it had become a war-zone after all the experimenting I had done.

Part of my post install was to get rid of the annoying automatic OC4J startup on Windows. The other part was to create simple .BAT files to startup and shutdown the multiple services that OBIEE uses.
If you've done the install as a simple non-Application Server install that uses the standalone OC4J container, read on:

After you have installed BI EE, you are asked to reboot your computer (this is for a Windows install). After you reboot and login, you will notice a DOS window which shows OC4J starting. Even if you set all the BI Services to "Manual", this particular command is still fired at startup.
This is because the command to start OC4J is set in the Windows Registry.
If you go to the Windows registry (type "regedit" in your "Start --> Run" textbox) navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" you will notice that an entry named 'oc4j' is created during the installation, which starts up the OC4J window you'll see every time you startup.

So I found that entry in the registry, I selected it, and I deleted it. We STILL have the ability to start and stop the OC4J process through our OBIEE start menu link:

What one can do is to create a batch file for Windows that will actually start and stop this OC4J process that we deleted out of the registry, AND while we are at it, we can also add the startup and shutdown actions for the other OBIEE processes too. This way, we have a master start and stop for all necessary services through one initiation.

To do this, open a Windows program like 'notepad' and enter the following for the startup.bat file:
This is how my "Start_BI" file looks like:
net start "Oracle BI Server"
net start "Oracle BI Presentation Server"
net start "Oracle BI Java Host"
C:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\bin\oc4j.cmd -start

I then saves this file from notepad as Start_Oracle_BI.bat and chose the option for 'Save As Type' as 'All Files'.
Now the
shutdown.bat file:
net stop "Oracle BI Server"
net stop "Oracle BI Presentation Server"
net stop "Oracle BI Java Host"
"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_08\bin\java.exe" -jar C:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\admin.jar ormi://localhost:23791 oc4jadmin oc4jadmin -shutdown force

One thing to note is that in the above .bat file scripts is that some of these locations are hardcoded.
Make SURE you have the necessary files in the right place, OR change the locations in the script to point to the right path. ALSO note in the shutdown script that the word oc4jadmin appears 2 times. This is because we assume that oc4jadmin is both the login and password. If you registered a different password, you'll need to change that in the shutdown .bat file as well. If you don't Oracle will not authenticate and allow you to shut down the oc4j process!

Now all I need to do is to click on my .bat files to execute them, which starts and stops all the important services!

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  1. I was trying to figure out a way to stop OC4J at windows startup finally your blog made my job easier. Thanks,