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Friday, February 22, 2008

Should I buy an iPhone?!

I have seen more and more iPhones make their way into offices at my clients. I don't trust online surveys and online critiques as much as I trust live people using one. So, I decided to start asking every person I know and that I meet, "How do you like it?"

I asked them, " If you chould change anything about it, what would it be?"
"Any problems?"
"Have you had a better phone?"
"Reception quality?"

I ran the full gauntlet of questions and even got to play with their phones.

Surprisingly, the amount of complaints was VERY minimal. Price being the only downer thus far, and a few people complaining about the EDGE network and how it goes down, and how once in a while a call is dropped when travelling between 2 connection points. That was about it.

All in all, very few negatives and the positives they mentioned FAR surpassed the bad.

Now I have to take the question more seriously, "Will I get one?!"