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Friday, March 28, 2008

SQL Developer and the TNS Connection Type Selection

I will be exploring this much further soon, but suffice it to say, sometimes when you install SQL Developer or other Oracle tools, they look at the most recent Oracle home from a new Product install. For example, I installed OWB, and it had a new home. This actually overwrote some of the paths in the Operating System, and defaulted that home as the 'main' home.

Well a tool like SQL Developer loads a nice TNSNAMES.ora listing of all your database connections and it searches through that default home. If it looks at a new home that doesn't have those listings, you drop down will have no available connections!

A VERY easy way to fix this is to launch the universal installer, look at all installed products, and while looking at the oracle homes on your box, you can use the up and down arrows on the right panel to 'rank' or put a certain oracle home as the 'main' or default home. Doing this, I then put my original database home as the default. I restarted SQL Developer, and bingo! It then read the right oracle home and the right TNSNAMES.ora entry and populated the drop down.

Not bad!

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