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Friday, July 18, 2008

Nice new Jdeveloper ( JDEV) article up on OTN

Good 'ol Shaun O'Brien has a nice new article at the top of OTN today on JDEV and some nice new add-ins and extras. Check it out! Especially nice is the discussion about Web Logic already!


With the acquisition of BEA, Oracle has added a significant amount of technical collateral to it's already impressive listing of potential choices for project implementation. This how-to will focus on the steps necessary to make use of the same codebase under the individual flagship development environments: namely Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Workshop for WebLogic.

The codebase to be utilized is a sample application from the Workshop side of the world, the prototypical SUN Dukes Bookstore that can be accessed at the following url: jsf-bookStore.war.


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