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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Data Warehousing Training

I just got done custom creating an advanced data warehousing class, along with updating our beginner course to utilize Oracle 11g technologies. Whew, talk about a lot of work and only a short time to get it done! To summarize, the course that I teach is a full 5 day class on the following topics:

-Beginner Course Topics-
Beginning Data Warehousing
Dimensional Modeling
Oracle 11g Database options for Data Warehousing
Oracle Warehouse Builder OWB 11gR1 introduction
OWB11g Architecture and Installation
OWB11g and OWB 10gR2 differences, similarities
Exploring OWB11g Interface
Common setup of typical scenarios with remote machines and schemas
Building ETL Mappings from source to staging to target
Deep-Dive into OWB Mapping best practices and tips with the operators
Understanding Data Quality
Data Profiling and Data Rules Option within OWB11g
Advanced operators- Match & Merge, pre-post mapping operators, table functions, etc.
Understanding Workflow installation and Process Flow Basics

-Advanced Course Topics-
Oracle OLAP
Understanding Oracle's Position on OLAP & Hyperio Essbase
How to use OWB to construct full MOLAP cubes and how it differs from ROLAP
Extensive ETL Lab (2-3 hour lab encompassing many advanced techniques)
Pluggable Mappings
The Metadata Manager (Impact, Dependency, and Propagation)
Lifecycle Management (MDLs, Snapshots, Signatures, importation, exportation, comparison of
snapshots, etc.)
Security in OWB
Extra detail on Process Flows and Scheduling
OMB*PLUS scripting
OWB Experts
Advanced Tips and Tricks for project management, and high Performance

...and that's all. I built out about 90% of this class and taught it recently to pretty good reviews... Let's hope there's more students in store as I prepare to build out a new offering to my students!


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