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Saturday, September 29, 2007

BI Publisher / XML Publisher and Barcoding

My client awaits my return next week with bated breath and part of my fun responsibilities will be to make sure I can get nice and working bar codes on their BI Publisher Reports feeding from EBS 11i. Fortunately I won't be alone in my effort, but from previous client experiences, people had to jump through hoops and hurt themselves to get this working. I just haven't been hurt yet :) In the coming weeks I will update this posting with my findings. As always, the most helpful blog I always refer to for all things BI Publisher is Tim Dexter's Blog. Is this guy trying to win an Oracle Ace or something? :)

OK, UPDATE! We got this working. It was not the more complicated 2-D bar coding that needs nice Java classes and so forth, but I will STILL show some nice screen shots and of course refer to good blogs where I dug up the info to do this. There are HUNDREDS of people out there that need help with this so I will show as many screen shots and steps as I can without compromising my client! Tune in very soon!

OK. Have an update with details. See the post titled 'BI Publisher Barcoding in Oracle Applications 11i'

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  1. Hi Greg
    I just write the blog and answer forum questions and talk to anyone and everyone about Publisher - cos I cant stop, its an affliction :o)

    Whats the point of a blog or a forum if you do not contribute to it.
    And I keep the blog technical for good reason - if you want to hear about 'the world according to Dexter' I can do that - you'll get bored - more bored Im sure than learning about how to add barcodes to a report output.
    If it helps folks out there to use Publisher in better and more interesting ways then Im happy - sounds very 'corporate' but Im most definitely not.
    Thanks for the plug!
    Cheers, Tim