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Friday, January 4, 2008

Oracle Warehouse Builder OWB 11g New Features Part 3!

This is a continuation from part2. Here is part 3 of the new features and enhancements to Oracle Warehouse Builder - OWB 11g. It is in these posts that you can make the educated decision whether or not to pursue OWB 11g, or stay with OWB 10gR2. It is also here you can compare and contrast the differences between the 2 releases. Once again, props to Oracle for providing some of the info!

The new OWB 11g connectivity options....

  • Now there is database support for database 11g to be both the source and target.
    • Oracle Database 11g is supported as both an OWB source and an OWB target. Oracle Database 11g support is closely linked to the simplified install of OWB 11g as part of the Oracle Database 11g install.
  • Now there is also Gateway 11g support
    • The ability of OWB to connect transparently to non-Oracle systems continues with OWB 11g support for Gateway 11g.
  • Also, the new optional Siebel Connector fo Siebel Analytics
OWB Connector to Siebel Analytics...
The Warehouse Builder Connector to Siebel enables you to connect to—and extract data and metadata from—Siebel applications. The connection to the Siebel applications uses database users that have the appropriate privileges set by the DBA. After you import metadata from Siebel applications, you can use Siebel objects in mappings, create process flows containing Siebel objects, and generate SQL code.

You can use this connector with non-Oracle databases after you establish a connection to those databases. The table above lists the functionality available in the Warehouse Builder Connector to Siebel.

Next time in part 4 we will discuss more new features and enhancements!

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